I consider myself privileged, fulfilled and lucky to have had several naughty adventures with Lucie for almost a year now on a fairly regular basis, a year waiting for the next date, a year remembering the magical moments of the last date, it’s really wonderful to be able to experience these windows that open onto another side of me in the company of Lucie. To make the most of it, I try to favor meetings lasting several hours in which we plan a few activities that allow us to fully live the girlfriend experience. Without telling her, I take this opportunity to admire her disarming beauty and receive all the sensuality she exudes.

With Lucie, everything seems easy, nothing is complicated, I feel comfortable discussing any subject, nothing is taboo. I consider that I personally grew up by seeing Lucie. I appreciate the respect that Lucie has for me, I try on my side to return it to her, I like to show her mine by supporting her in her projects and by spoiling her, I am always trying to surprise her.

I forgot to tell you about intimacy and sensuality, these wonderful sensations are immediately felt during our wonderful antics. Her authenticity, her spontaneity, her tenderness and her intensity make me always want to go further with her.

I hesitated a lot before writing these words for fear that following this testimony you would be tempted to meet Lucie and, like me, you would fall under her spell, which might deprive me of her availability, but I couldn’t help but share with you all the happiness that I have during our intimate encounters.

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