I met Lucie for the first time approximately seven months ago and I enjoyed our first date so much that I am returning to her on a regular basis. 

Lucie’s presentation on her website was promising that you will meet a smart person with a great sensuality, who will create friendly, hedonic environment for your appointment. Her photos were sensual but not lascivious.

Since she opened her doors, I knew that I would have an unforgettable experience. Well dressed in a nicely fitting dress with a welcoming smiling face surrounding by beautiful curly hair, she looked like a goddess. For a moment I became nervous as I was hit by her beauty, but she made me feel welcome and comfortable very quickly.

Lucie meaning in Latin is light. I think that she chooses this name on purpose because she brightens every space she enters. She has a nice voice; she is smart and a master of conversation. Lucie is a great example that “woman can be beautiful as well as intellectual” (Audrey Hepburn).

And how she kisses. I have genuinely never been kissed like that before. Wow! 

Her body is flawless. She is elegant and classy lady in her dress, sexy girl in her beautiful lingerie and au naturel she is breathtaking. A real living breathing masterpiece. 

But her beauty is eclipsed by her whole vibe and energy; it is beyond anything. I always enjoyed every single second of our meeting. I forget all worries. When I am leaving, I feel rejuvenated and refreshed. I am happy and my only worry is to plan our next encounter. 

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